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Gerni High Performance Water Blasters High Pressure Cleaners from Sydney Tools Australia

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Sydney Tools Australia  sells the full range of Gerni High Performance Water Blasters High Pressure Cleaners.

With both the Germany engineering Gerni & Sydney Tool specialists at hand we will be able to cater for any job cleaning applications. Deliveries are available the next day in anywhere in Sydney & approximately 2 days anywhere in Australia.

Gerni Domestic range:

Domestic Gerni High Pressure Cleaners – Water Blasters offer a high degree of pressure performance, compact frame with an up right design to ensure no tangles and a great mobility to get into any tight spots.

Sydney tools sells all the high end gerni pressure washes with medium to higher frequencies in or to tackle any cleaning jobs around the house. Additional accessories for these machines are easily tangible including longer nozzles (if needed) poison spray bottles, shampoo bottles, in car cleaning kits etc.

Gerni Professional Cold Water range

Professional Cold Water - Gerni High pressure cleaners – Water Blasters have a higher water flow with higher power grunt – no job is too big with this tool. The Gerni Cold Water Professional Blasters also have a lower noise level. These are strongly used in construction sites, farms, landscaping, food, transport - everyday use applications even rental companies choose these water blasters to stock.

Gerni professional hot water range:

Professional Hot Water- Gerni High pressure cleaners – Water Blasters

Used in all industry sectors with high performance ratio, fast flow, combining low running costs compacted with an internal hot water – eco power boiler. These water pressures have been engineered to give customers high comfort with all controls affixed into 1 control panel and safety is at its optimum.

Gerni Professional Stationary range

Professional Stationary Water

There are 3 types of Stationary Water Pressure Pumps – Cold Stationary water Pressure pump with 1 Alpha Booster, another Cold Water Pressure Cleaner with 2 Alpha Boosters for larger cleaning doses allowing 2 people to use at the same time and truck booster - the Hot Water Pressure Cleaner with Alpha Booster with features such as remote control and frost free protection.

These stationary water pressures are ideal in their class used for high end industries and allows constant daily cleaning in slawter houses, farms, larger car washes, large car yards, commercial & construction vehicles etc..

Gerni product models include:

Domestic models:

  • Gerni Classic 100.1 - Compact Home
  • Gerni Classic 110.1 - Compact Home
  • Gerni Classic 120.1 - Compact Home
  • Gerni Super 130.1 - Excellent Home
  • Gerni Super 140.1 - Excellent Home
  • Gerni Ultimate 130.1 - Professional

Professional Cold Water models:

  • Gerni Poseidon 2 Portable – Compact Size
  • Gerni Poseidon 3 – Compact Size
  • Gerni Poseidon 4 – Medium Size
  • Gerni Poseidon 5 - Medium Size
  • Gerni Posiedon 6 – Large Size
  • Gerni Posiedon 7 – Large Size

Professional Hot Water models:

  • Gerni Neptune 3 – Compact Size
  • Gerni Neptune 4 – Medium Size
  • Gerni Neptune 5 – Medium Size
  • Gerni Neptune 7 – Larger Size

Professional Stationary models:

  • Gerni Alpha Booster – Compact With Cold Water
  • Gerni Duo Booster – Larger Cold Water with 2 Boosters
  • Gerni Truck Booster – Hot Water Unit

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