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Sydney Electrical Appliance Testing offers test and tag training courses

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article image Successful participants of these test and tag training courses receive a nationally recognised certification

Full day training courses in electrical test and tag procedures are conducted by Sydney Electrical Appliance Testing at venues throughout NSW on a monthly basis.

They are designed to assist OHS managers to ensure that their testing personnel understand, through training, the theory and practical aspects of testing the safety of portable electrical appliances.

Delivered through a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), the training courses include a practical session that presents candidates with the opportunity to inspect and test a variety of electrical appliances.

Upon completion of this test and tag training course, attendees will be able to demonstrate a satisfactory knowledge of the legislative framework, as well as:

  • identify the standard and testing intervals (AS/NZS 3760 & Codes of Practice)
  • understand the electrical equipment risk assessment
  • understand the limitations of the training course
  • define resistance, current and voltage
  • understand the difference between AC and DC electricity
  • understand electrical circuits (Parallel and series circuits)
  • understand single phase and three phase electricity
  • understand electrical safety
  • identify electrical hazards and implement preventative measures
  • identify class 1 & class 2 equipment in accordance with standard
  • demonstrate knowledge and safe use of test equipment
  • perform visual inspections
  • perform tests in accordance with standard on electrical equipment
  • perform tests on portable residual current device (RCD)
  • carry out required action for compliant and non-compliant equipment
  • fit tags in accordance with standards
  • log records of test and inspection in accordance with standard; and
  • explain the maintenance and re-calibration requirements of a PAT.
Assessment tasks have been modelled around contemporary workplaces. Students must be able to fully demonstrate the necessary knowledge and skills to achieve a certification.

Successful participants will receive a nationally recognised RTO certification, UEENEEPOO8B - Conduct In-Service Safety Testing of Electrical Cord Assemblies and Cord Connected Equipment (Test & Tag).

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