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Portable Appliance Testers from Sydney Electrical Appliances

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At Sydney Electrical Appliance Testing (SEAT), an introduction to testing and tagging is available when purchasing a Complete Test and Tag Kit from SEAT’s range.  

SEAT offers a variety of Portable Appliance Testers, including Seaward, Nesco, Wavecom and Kyoritsu. PATS and other Electrical Test Instruments, such as RCD Testers (ELCB Testers) are available either standalone, or as part of a ready-to-go Complete Test and Tag Kit.  

The kit is packaged in a rugged, compact rolling tool trolley with a collapsible handle. The Portable Appliance Test Kit carries all the same test equipment, tools, cleaning gear and safety equipment that Sydney Appliance Testing’s own technicians use. Kits are customised to the user’s needs, but often include items such as:

  • Isolation Transformers for RCD testing
  • 3-phase appliance test adaptors
  • 20A appliance test adaptors
  • Portable Appliance Testing Guidelines and Standards Summary Sheet
  • Heavy Duty Extension Lead
  • Power Point Tester
  • Non-contact Voltage Tester
  • Gloves, Safety Spectacles and Hi-Visibility vests  

One of SEAT’s Kits includes the TnT Plus Portable Appliance Tester (PAT), or the Seaward Primetest 200. These two PATs include RCD trip testing functions, Earth Leakage Testing, and a range of other useful diagnostics.   SEAT claims that the Wavecom / Nesco TnT Plus is a fully-featured PA, and the Seaward Primetest 200 compliments the Wavecom range, by offering the flexibility of battery power.  

The Seaward Primetest 200 eliminates the need for using extension cords when conducting appliance testing on construction sites, offices, or any workplace where the use of an extension lead might be a hazard.   The TnT Plus PAT is also designed, manufactured and serviced in Australia, which provides a number of benefits when it comes to support, servicing and calibration.  

Kyoritsu now offer a range of PATS and RCD Testers that are also available as part of a SEAT Complete Test and Tag Kit.  

The SEAT Portable Appliance Test Kit is useful because of its compact size, portability (uses a rolling tool case) and because it is delivered ready for use. The kit has multiple storage compartments for keeping tools, log books, test tags, and test instruments neatly stored.  

SEAT also includes with the kit their Appliance Test Log database, and their Test and Tag quick-reference card, which helps test and tag operators to select the appropriate testing period and test tag colour.  

Also available are customised test tags, which feature the company’s logo and contact details.  

SEAT’s Portable Appliance Test Kit is suited to Test and Tag companies, electricians and other contractors, and businesses that need to do their own testing and tagging.

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