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Portable Appliance Tester sales up despite recession, report by Sydney Electrical Appliance Testing

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The end of the financial year, coupled with the Australian Government’s additional tax deductions of up to 50% for new asset purchases have caused a noticeable increase in the sales of Portable Appliance Testers and Test and Tag Systems.

Sydney Electrical Appliance Testing has reported an increase in sales, particularly in full data-logging test and tag systems, such as the TnT Plus M Test and Print system. The TnT Plus M is a data-recording PAT, which stores test and tag results in a memory card located inside the test instrument.

Sales of non-recording Portable Appliance Testers are also up, with increased interest in the “TnT EL” and the “TnT ELC.” The TnT EL offers the additional benefits of Earth Leakage testing, and the TnT ELC version goes one step further by offering a computer port to link the PAT to a Laptop computer with database software.

Sydney Electrical Appliance Testing says that because customers may be able to claim such a worthwhile additional deduction on new equipment purchases, it means that customers are able to increase their PAT budget to include the top-of-the-line systems such as the Test & Print Kit. The benefit of the Test & Print kit is that the system automatically prints out a durable test tag (with barcode) for each appliance that is tested. This eliminates the need for writing test tags by hand and cuts down on errors. 

The result is professional looking test tags and a well-presented Asset Register (Appliance Test Log), which can be printed or emailed to the Test and Tag customer.

Sydney Electrical Appliance Testing says that the best thing about buying a TnT series PAT is that the money spent as part of the Australian Government’s stimulus package will stay within Australia. This is because the TnT series PATs are designed, manufactured and serviced in Australia.

TnT is short for Test and Tag, which is the electrical safety checking of appliances to the Australian Standard 3760:2003. Workcover and Worksafe organisations in each state and territory encourage businesses to regularly inspect, test and tag their electrical tools, cords and appliances to ensure they are safe. Electricians and Technicians from companies such as Sydney Electrical Appliance Testing provide on-site testing and tagging and produce a written (computerised) log or record of each item that is checked, providing peace of mind and increasing safety in the workplace.

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