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New Test and Tag Web Store Opens

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Sydney Electrical Appliance Testing has been selling testing and tagging supplies, testers and accessories for several years, and they plan to expand their retail range further. A spokesperson for SEAT said that they currently sell Wavecom, Seaward and Kyoritsu test instruments, and it is expected that the range will continue to grow.

The range of Portable Appliance Testers at SEAT’s online Test and Tag store includes basic PATs such as the Wavecom TnT Basic, and the Seaward PAC3760; mid-range PATs such as the Wavecom TnT EL, and the Seaward Primetest 200; and also professional testing and recording systems such as the Wavecom TnT Plus Test & Print, and Seaward’s Bluetooth enabled Protag Optima system.

SEAT will also offer their range of test tags via the online store. SEAT provides both generic test tags and fully customised test tags to suit every application. SEAT provides free artwork with custom test tag orders, and tags are designed to meet the needs of each workplace. A variety of styles and materials are available to ensure that the test tags are suited to the work environment. Most test tags are serial numbered, and many customers choose to use a separate barcode label to provide a unique asset ID for each appliance. SEAT provides barcode labels which wrap-around the cord of the appliance, providing a quick and easy way to identify each appliance on subsequent test and tag visits.

Other items available via the new Test and Tag web store include 3-phase adaptors for conducting earth continuity and insulation resistance tests of larger 3-phase equipment, and isolation transformers, which are used by test and tag technicians when testing the trip time and ramp trip currents of portable RCD safety switches.

SEAT is also now a provider of Thermal Imaging equipment. Thermal Imaging cameras are widely used throughout numerous industries – not just electrical, but plumbing, air-conditioning and waterproofing to name just a few. In electrical testing, thermographic imaging of switchboards and other equipment is a very economical way of diagnosing faults, predicting future failures, and most importantly helping to prevent electrical fires.  SEAT has announced that it is now selling the Dali range of Thermal Imagers – starting with the very capable entry level Dali TE, which sells for under $5000 plus GST.  The Dali TEI-P thermal imager is the next step up – it is a true contractor grade product, with the ability to capture both thermal images and photographic images in the one device. Thermography reporting software is included with the Dali TEI-P, which makes reporting a breeze.

SEAT’s online store also features a range of powerboards, extension leads, and RCD powerboards. RCD powerboards such as the Clipsal Bodyguard 485P4CB30 and the HPM Lifesaver R105EPC4 are mandatory equipment for construction sites.
The online store is open from 10 August 2009.

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