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Fast, inexpensive electrical safety checking

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SYDNEY Electrical Appliance Testing is committed to offering fast, inexpensive electrical safety checks for all portable electrical appliances.

The qualified electrical safety check technicians at Sydney Electrical Appliance Testing are experienced in carrying out thorough safety checks and testing using a specialised Portable Appliance Tester device, which checks the electrical integrity of appliances. This inspection and testing complies with AS 3760.

Some of the electrical safety checks which the safety checking technician may make include:

* Checking the cord and casing for visible faults and damage

* Checking the cord anchor for its structural integrity

* Testing the insulation resistance using the Portable Appliance Tester.

* Testing the earth bond using the Portable Appliance Tester

* Checking the building's power circuit for correct wiring

* Checking the time an RCD (Safety Switch) takes to react to a fault current

* Checking the amount of fault current your RCD takes to react

* Checking a work place or construction site for general electrical safety. This might include identifying areas which are hazardous environments because of moisture, dust, chemicals or other factors which may compromise electrical safety.

Electrical safety checking of appliances is a documented risk management strategy and can reduce management's exposure to fines, imprisonment and liability.

Sydney Electrical Appliance Testing makes it easy to comply with electrical testing obligations under OH&S legislation by offering a fast, thorough and flexible service. Electrical safety check technicians are available after hours and on weekends, or whenever it is easiest for the customer.

The company encourages protection of people and staff by having appliances checked on a regular basis.

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