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Fast Tag New Test and Tag Database Software from Sydney Electrical Appliance Testing

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The challenge of testing and tagging is how to record asset and test information accurately and efficiently. That challenge has been solved, with the release of FastTag, a new test and tag database program from Advanced User Systems and available from Sydney Electrical Appliance Testing

FastTag helps to keep appliance test records and keeps track of items that are due for testing, with their unique reminder system. FastTag allows Test and Tag technicians to keep track of assets and tests in a variety of ways – whether users choose to use unique barcodes on each appliance, or whether they prefer to use tag numbers or serial numbers to track assets, FastTag serves a solution.

Some of FastTag features include:

  • Automated reminders of items due for retest
  • Colour coding to make items due for retest easily recognised
  • Barcode scanning – of serial number, asset identifier, previous label – configured as per clients requirements.
  • Filtering on demand – by current label number, asset identifier or description
  • Advanced sorting by clicking on the column heading.

FastTag can be used with non-recording (manual) Portable Appliance Tester, the Nesco TnT or the Seward PAC3760 or Primetest 200. It can also be used to import results from some recording PATs as well. The Trio SafeTcheck Pro Logger II is supported and results can be quickly and easily imported directly into the FastTag database.

Fast Tag can also be used with or without a barcode scanner. Using a Bar code scanner with the FastTag database software is an efficient way to ensure accurate identification of appliances on each and every round of testing.  Sydney Electrical Appliance Testing has several bar code scanners to choose from, including a USB connected model, and a Bluetooth connected model for extra portability.

FastTag is a full-featured Test and Tag database at a fraction of the cost of older and less capable systems. Sydney Electrical Appliance Testing provides a free demonstration version download of FastTag, so that users can see all the fantastic features themselves.

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