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Sydney Automatic Gates offers sliding gates and their automation systems

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Sliding gates from Sydney Automatic Gates are an ideal automation option in the situations where installing a swing gate is really impossible. Sydney Automatic Gates’ sliding gates are highly flexible to be adjusted where space is limited either because of landscaping or boulders. It can also be installed where the area is required for parking.

Sliding gates offered by Sydney Automatic Gates require optimum storage area. Storage area for a sliding gate is the area where the gate slides into when it is open, making both the entrance and movement areas double the size of the actual gate.

Sliding gate motors are designed by the designers at Sydney Automatic Gates to completely fit behind the existing fences or walls, without even compromising on the space.

Various automation systems are also offered by Sydney Automatic Gates for sliding gates. The BX-A is a highly efficient automation system that can suit different kinds of sliding gates. This automation system can perform various functions to cater to the higher level of safety requirements of the customers.

Basic as well as more sophisticated versions of these automation systems can easily be obtained from Sydney Automatic Gates. Basic version automation systems are ideal for residential uses and sophisticated versions are equipped with an encoder that can control the system electronically. Some sophisticated versions of automation systems for sliding gates are also provided with low voltage motors for a constant intensive operation.

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