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Totalising timer with HV input

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article image Trumeter 7511 totalising timer.

THE Trumeter 7511 series timer, available from Switches Plus Components , is feature packed and with a cost-effective price performance ratio, suitable for thousands of applications.


• Use of the latest CMOS circuitry achieves an expected battery life of 10 years.

• 4 timing modes seconds, minutes and seconds, hours and 1/100ths, hours and minutes.

• Screw terminal connectors for quick installation.

• Front panel reset disable function.

• External reset terminal.

• Backlight (externally powered) 5V dc.

• 8 digits 9mm high with leading zero blanking.

• NPN negative edge triggered timing input.

18VDC max, 1VDC threshold (7511).

• Standard DIN bezel 48mm x 24mm.

• IP65 front panel protection.

• High voltage input model available 7511HV (10-240VAC or 5-110VDC).

General specifications

Battery. Non-replaceable Lithium battery, expected life10 years at 20°C.

Display. 8-digit black LCD, 9mm characters, leading zero blanking, backlight requires external 5V dc supply. Configurable decimal place up to 3 decimal places (jumper link configured).

Timing Ranges:

0-99999999 seconds.

0-99999 mins-59 seconds.

0-99999 hours-99/100th hour.

0-99999 hours-59 mins.

Connections. Finger-proof screw connections for cables up to 1.5mm2.

Operating temperature. -10°C to +60°C.

Storage temperature. -20°C to +60°C.

Altitude. Up to 2000m.

Relative Humidity. 80% max up to 31°C, decreasing to 50% max at 40°C.

Sealing. IP65/NEMA4X.

Mounting. Either with clip mount supplied or two front screws with bezel supplied.

Manual Reset Enable. Configured by jumper link.

Packed Weight. 62 grams.

Box Dimensions. 56mm x 44mm x 62mm.

Typical Applications

• Machine run time indication

• Machine down time indication

• Fault time recording

• Vehicle engine time running display

• Replacement of electro mechanical timers units

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