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Tocos 7mm code switches available from Switches Plus Components

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Switches Plus Components  presents an advanced switch technology developed for harsh environment applications by Tocos.  

Tocos has developed a very unique and new SW detent structure (P'Grid) that provides accurate and smooth switching operation for 2-way radios and transceivers under severe conditions.  

Tocos 7mm code switches deliver a long rotational life of 30,000 cycles (over 6 times longer than existing models) with no deterioration in performance.   The code switches offer a highly reliable and superior tactile feel with two rollers providing smoother hand feel.  

Key features of Tocos 7mm code switches:  

  • P'Grid brings a secure ON-OFF feeling even during slow knob turning
  • Tocos’ unique roller detent structure enables strong response of detent torque (19.6mN.m~39.2mN.m)
  • Coded switches can avoid channel switching errors and vague On/Off boundaries even if knobs of 2-way radios become larger in size  
  • Enhanced strength at drop through Tocos’ innovative internal design 
  • Increased inner diameter of shaft provides secure shaft drop strength on par with TP9 series
  • M6 bushing shape is suitably designed for sealed panels

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