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Thinnest stepper motor in the world

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article image The 3609Z -- 12mm thick.

LIN Engineering, represented by Switches Plus , has introduced a new, smaller addition to its line of size 14 modular motors.

The 3609Z motor is suitable for any application requiring a small lightweight motor that still delivers a considerable amount of torque.

This step motor delivers high step accuracy and is designed to be placed in the most compact of customer supplied housings. The 3609Z measures 36mm in diameter and is 12mm thick. It weighs a mere 48g and possesses a holding torque of up to 4oz-in.

The windings are encapsulated with a thermally conductive ceramic based polymer which allows heat to be drawn away from the windings. Thus, allowing for more aggressive windings in the same small package.

The step accuracy of this stepper is ±1.5 arc minutes compared to the competitor's accuracy of ±4.5 arc minutes.

Additionally, Lin Engineering can place the 3609Z in almost any customer supplied/designed housing. Industries currently using this motor in applications are the medical, optical and surveillance.

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