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The goot RX-802AS lead-free soldering station from Switches Plus Components

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article image The goot RX-802AS lead-free soldering station

The goot RX-802AS, available from Switches Plus Components , is a compact and lightweight lead-free soldering station with high heat recovery feature. It combines sophistication and high efficiency in a compact design.

The features of goot RX-802AS lead-free soldering station include:

Superior heat recovery- This soldering station has a built-in high-powered heater (72W) that is capable of delivering enough power to maintain stable tip temperatures under different soldering work conditions. Minimal heat loss means the user does not have to set the station at a higher set temperature. The capability of being set at lower temperatures also enables to decrease the tip degeneration when soldering with high melting point lead-free solder.

New light and ergonomically designed handpiece- This soldering station provides features such as comfortable usability, easy handling and soft (burn resistant) power cord. There is a short distance from the grip to tip and suitable for micro soldering applications. The soldering iron weighs 27g and the soldering unit cord is designed with a thin and pliable cable having a diameter of 4mm.

The goot RX-802AS lead-free soldering station reaches the set temperature in 6 seconds from cold start-up.

The new designed thermal insulation handpiece construction reduces heat transfer to the grip.

Keypad lock function- This soldering station has a tamper-proof keypad lock and there is no need for tools to secure the keypad cover.

Anti-oxidation tip- This soldering station has fine solder coated grooves for protecting the tip from atmospheric oxidation.

Easy-change tip- There is a slide lever to change the tip as well as does not require tools or heat resistant pads.

Calibration function- The differences between tip thermometer temperature and displayed temperature can be easily corrected by inputting the offset value.

Superior Sleep Function- The soldering station gets automatically switched off when inactive for a preset period of time. This is easier on the tips than switching the unit off. This unit's sleep function can be programmed to activate at preferred inactive time periods or can be programmed to go into sleep mode at a certain drop in tip temperature therefore applicable to a variety of work conditions. Before the sleep mode activates, the sleep lamp flashes warning the user that the unit is about to enter the sleep mode.

Bringing the tool out of the sleep mode is as easy as wiping the tip on a sponge to clean the tip and pull the temperature down.

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