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The NKK OLED Rocker Multi-function switch

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article image The NKK OLED Rocker Multi-function switch

Switches Plus Components  offer a multifunctional OLED SmartSwitch rocker from NKK. NKK's patent pending OLED programmable display rocker offers smooth rocker actuation and tactile pushbutton feedback in one solution. The monochrome OLED rocker features sharp contrast and high resolution with 96 x 64 pixels. Additionally, the OLED rocker Multi-function switch display conforms to IP64 of IEC60529 standards on panel surface.

NKK's OLED 96 x 64 Rocker Multi-function switch is a programmable module that provides high reliability and long mechanical and electrical life. This all-in-one rocker switch with integrated pushbutton and display allows users to scroll up and down with the rocker to select, and then push for activation. The OLED Multi-function switch technology allows a 180° viewing angle with high contrast and clarity and a wide temperature range of -20°C to +70°C.


  • Sleek and stylish black housing design complements any application
  • Components and packaging are RoHS compliant
  • Monochrome OLED with sharp contrast and high resolution.
  • OLED technology in display rocker IS (patent pending)
  • A multifunctional device that offers greater options than current NKK programmable devices with selection/determination (such as tree search)
  • Confirms indication status and operational at the same time - sequential and reverse capabilities
  • Short, 14.6mm behind-panel height for compact spaces
  • Long life OLED with 52,000 hours at 30% illumination
  • Dust tight construction of switch prevents entry of dust and improves contact reliability
  • Wide view display accommodates text/symbols easily recognized from a distance.
  • Loaded 0.92" OLED display with exceptional contrast and wide viewing angle.
  • Sharp resolution with 96 x 64 pixels.
  • High reliability and long life of one million actuations.
  • Snap-in installation for easy, secure mounting and alignment.
  • Connector socket for simple connection (AT715).
  • Smooth rocker actuation and tactile pushbutton feedback in one solution
  • Conforms to IP64 of IEC60529 Standards on panel surface
  • Commands and data supplied via serial communications protocol (SPI)

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