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Techno TEEPLUG plug-socket connecting solutions available from Switches Plus Components

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article image Techno TEEPLUG TH386

Techno have developed and patented a product designed for the every day practical need by the installer. The distinctive element that characterises this product is the anchorage of the item body to any surface in a simple and quick manner. Acting on the anti-rotation ring, blockage is obtained by a system of expanding wings. This is achieved without the use of any blocking nuts or other rear holding systems on the installation site. Techno TEEPLUG plug-socket connections solutions are available from Switches Plus Components . The TEEPLUG TH386 is one of the products from TEEPLUG range of products.

The TEEPLUG TH386 is adapted for installation on poles where anchoring is difficult because of limited space. The TEEPLUG TH386 is useful for lighting technicians, for example in the maintenance of public illumination. The TEEPLUG TH386 can be used for any type of lighting fixture, for example, for both internal and external lighting manufacturers. TEEPLUG products are simple and quick when being used because of their rapid clamping/unclamping systems.

Following are the features of TEEPLUG TH386:

  • Fast and easy anchorage to any surface reduces time for installation
  • Round section double gasket on plug body ensures a total protection up to IP68
  • Threaded locking nut gives maximum safe locking between plug and socket
  • Protective closure cap with black silicon belt
  • PA66 V2 UL94 (yellow card) polyamide
  • 2-3 poles - 1.5sqmm 16A 400V
  • IP20-IP40-IP65-IP68 grade of protection

The TEEPLUG family group’s plug-socket connecting solutions have high level protection (up to IP68 at 2bar/5bar). The MINI-TEEPLUG family, with its reduced dimensions, is able to provide a protected installation in small spaces, maintaining the same characteristics of the larger versions.

The TEETUBE range is available in different versions and types of locking: with quick locking-unlocking with or without cable gland and with fixing lock nut and cable gland. They are supplied with inner plug-socket connections with different polarity: 2, 3, 5 and 6 poles.

All of the TEEPLUG are approved for 4sqmm, 32A - 400V and manufactured with high quality raw materials (PA66 V2 UL94 - PA66 FV V0 UL94). The TEEPLUG range complies with RoHS regulations.

Following are the characteristics of the TEEPLUG range of products:

  • TEEPLUG installs interchangeable plug-socket modules in 2, 3, 5 and 6 poles
  • The insertion of modules is intuitive and fast
  • The inner metal inserts are nickel plated brass with zinc plated steel anti-screw screws and available in different versions
  • Cable connection capacity up to 6sqmm
  • Round section double gasket on plug body and square section gasket on socket body bottom with the maximum protection (IP68)
  • Silicon gaskets have tensile E-Modulus and ageing resistance
  • Red gaskets to make identification easier
  • Versions with a little bit flexible hooks to assure tearing safe locking (IP65)
  • Versions with threaded locking nut to assure maximum safe locking of the product (IP68)

Interchangeable components:

  • Incorporated cable glands assure isolation of the product and safe locking of the installed cable
  • Interchangeable seals are available in different versions to assure a safe closure and adherence to the cable
  • Seals accept the different type of cable commercially available (maximum diameter 17mm)
  • For soft cables (silicon or rubber) or small section cables, the adaptors are available to improve the rubber seal compression on the cable.

The protective closure cap has been designed to protect the connection when disconnected and let the installer work safety (IP68). The cap is also supplied with a black silicon belt that avoids losing the cap; available versions for regular and wall installation.

TEEPLUG and MINI-TEEPLUG families are suitable for all applications that require a high level of protection and absolute quality. These are some projects realised with the TEEPLUG solutions.

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