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Step motor specialist offers custom service

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LIN Engineering, an American company renowned for maximising torque at desired speed, and represented in Australia by Switches Plus Components , is offering its customising expertise.

Is your application hard to fit? Is the motor too big or too small?

When a standard motor won't do, Lin Engineering can design and manufacture motors specific to environmental, mechanical and dimensional requirements.

Some examples of environmental modifications are: clean room environment, stainless steel or anodised finishes and assembly integration.

High temperature/vacuum environments are also often used. These environments consist of non-outgassing lubricants, dry bearings, stainless steel bearings and/or Teflon insulated wire.

Lin Engineering offers many mechanical and dimensional modifications for its customers; no matter how simple or complex the customer's request may be.

The following are examples of shaft modifications that can be requested to suit individual applications: double shaft, shaft length, single or double flats, flat lengths, standard or woodruff keyways, shaft diameter, hollow shaft and through shaft holes (threaded and non-threaded).

Other ways to customise the motors to specifications are lead wire modifications and sub-assembly work such as: longer or shorter length, custom colour code, 8-wire configuration, protective sleeving, shrink tubing, and installation of pins and connectors.

Lin Engineering can offer fast delivery of most customisations due to the fact that its US facility has on-sight technical and design engineers as well as an assembly line dedicated to the design and manufacturing of prototypes and samples.

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