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Silicon phototransistor available from Switches Plus Components

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New Japan Radio has introduced NJL7502L silicon phototransistor-type ambient light sensor, for on/off control of interior lights, toys, TVs, etc, according to brightness of surroundings and for automatic control of display brightness.

The NJL7502L available from Switches Plus Components is configured with a phototransistor plus an optical filter that uses New Japan Radio’s original resin lamination technology to reduce the risk of malfunction caused by infrared rays.

With spectral sensitivity approaching that of the human eye, the sensor is perfectly accurate for various controls.

Eco-friendly silicon material is used for the phototransistor block, making this product an ideal replacement for the CdS cadmium sulfide-based cell-type ambient light sensors currently commonly used on board, in accordance with the RoHS directive.

The NJL7502L is housed in a top view, pin-type package for easy CdS cell replacement.

Major features of NJL7502L are:

  • Sensitivity approaching that of the human eye
  • Lead pin, top view-type package
  • Phototransistor uses eco-friendly silicon and
  • Lead-free

The NJL7502L outputs sufficient light current more efficiently than conventional photo diode-type sensors do.

Features and characteristics:

  • Peak sensitivity wavelength 560nm typ
  • Photocurrent ratio according to optical sources IL2/IL1 1.4 typ
  • IL1: fluorescent light/ IL2: incandescent light
  • Light current 33µA typ., Ev = 100 Lux, fluorescent light source
  • Half-value angle ± 20º typ and
  • Dark current 0.1µA max VCE = 20V

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