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NKK Switches introduces SmartSwitch, a programmable LCD switch

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NKK Switches, a designer and manufacturer of electromechanical switches, introduces a new SmartSwitch that is 25% smaller than industry standard size, thus requiring less panel area real estate. These compact programmable LCD switches are ideal for systems and designs where size is an issue and user interface is required.

The new compact SmartSwitch, which is distinguished by its smaller footprint, features the same electrical and performance specifications of the original SmartSwitch. Its reduced size expands the SmartSwitch's potential to meet the needs of the broadcast market.

"Initially, we expect design engineers will specify the compact SmartSwitch for routers that will be used in space-constrained applications like mobile production vans and other small broadcast and production facilities," said Kiyoko Toyama, president of NKK Switches.

In addition to the compact SmartSwitch, NKK's entire SmartSwitch line is available in versions featuring lower energy consumption than the original versions. The improved line's typical forward current (If) is rated 15mA and typical power dissipation (PD) is 130mW. This improved SmartSwitch line consumes half the energy as its predecessor, which is important for panel applications. The new SmartSwitch line also features brighter LED illumination enabled by a redeveloped diffuser that allows a more even distribution of illumination.

The SmartSwitch can be specified in single, bicolour and RGB versions. With the RGB version, design engineers are able to create virtually any colour illumination with one switch. Principle to the success of RGB illumination in NKK's SmartSwitch is the quality of red, green and blue LEDs used in the packaging. With high quality LEDs for superior colour matching, the SmartSwitch enables designers to create customized control panels with project specific colours, including RGB white. The RGB LED option also allows for low power use and low heat solution.

NKK's SmartSwitch can be programmed to display an infinite variety of text, graphics, or moving images. The compact SmartSwitch's LCD is a wide, high-contrast viewing area of 13.9 X 10.6 mm with a 36 X 24 pixel resolution to maximize clarity. Mechanical life and electrical life are both rated at 1,000,000 operations minimum.

Suited for a wide variety of applications, the SmartSwitch is essential for any application requiring user interface. Displaying industry-specific text and graphics with real-time sequencing, the SmartSwitch simplifies and improves complex, multi-decision operations. Possible applications include industrial control panels, communication systems, audio-video broadcast workstations and simulation equipment.

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