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NJM2835 500mA output low dropout voltage regulator from Switches Plus Components

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New Japan Radio Co., Ltd. has released the NJM2835, 20V maximum input voltage Io=500mA low dropout voltage regulator, ideal for power sources of office appliances and a range of A/V equipment, such as DSC, DVC, and TV.

The NJM2835 is a 500mA output low dropout voltage regulator featuring ceramic capacitor compatibility, high precision output (±1%), high ripple rejection ratio, low noise, and maximum input voltage of 20V.

With its wide output voltage coverage of 2.1V~15.5V (0.1 step) and 500mA output current, the NJM2835 can be applied to the power sources of CDDs (12V system), A/V equipment (8~9V system), motors (12V system).

Since it is a low dropout voltage regulator, the NJM2835 significantly reduces the power loss that occurs with conventional 3-channel regulators triggered by differences in electric potential between input and output, thereby reducing wasteful power consumption of electronic equipment.

The small-size 2.2µF ceramic capacitor compatibility and built-in bypass capacitor contribute to downsizing of the mounting board.

The NJM2835 is ideal for applications that are incompatible with the conventional model, NJM2830 (20V maximum input voltage Io=300mA), because of its low output current.

Compared with our conventional models (low dropout voltage regulator with output current under 5V), the NJM2835 features:

  • Higher maximum input voltage 20V (Operating voltage: ~18)
  • Wider output current range 2.1V~15.5V (0.1V step)

The above features make the NJM2835 suitable for a wide range of uses, such as the power source of DSC/DVC/DVD, diverse A/V equipment, and office appliances.

Features and characteristics

  • Maximum input voltage: 20V (Operation Voltage: ~18V)
  • Output voltage range: 2.1V~15.5V(0.1V step)
  • Output current: 500mA max.
  • Small-size 2.2µF Ceramic Capacitor Compatible
  • Built-in noise bypass capacitor
  • High ripple rejection ratio: 75dB typ. @1kHz
  • Low noise: 45uVrms typ.
  • High-precision output voltage: ±1.0%
  • Bipolar technology
  • Packaging: TO-252-3 (8.54x6.54x2.38mm)

NJM2835 is available from Switches Plus Components.

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