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NJM2718 single-supply voltage dual operational amplifier from Switches Plus Components

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article image The NJM2718 single-supply voltage dual operational amplifier

The NJM2718, available from Switches Plus Components , is a single-supply, high-operating voltage dual operational amplifier. It is suitable for high supply voltage applications and possesses large capacitance drive capability.

The NJM2718 amplifier has an operating voltage range of 3 to 36V and offers high slew rate of 9V/µs (Vin = 20Vpp) and input offset voltage of 4mV (max) by optimisation of circuits, configurations and assemble technology.

The NJM2718 amplifier also possesses high stability (CL = 1000pF typ) and is suitable for line drivers, AD/DA buffers and FET drivers. The NJM2718 is available in EMP8 (5.0mm x 6.0mm x 1.65mm) and SSOP8 (3.5mm x 6.4mm x 1.65mm) packages.

The features of this amplifier include:

  • An amplifier for the use in load current detection as inverter control equipment
  • The optimum balance between an input offset voltage and a slew rate enables the replacement of a high-efficiency small motor and has a high speed in load current detection for energy saving
  • Input offset voltage: 4mV max
  • Slew rate: 9V/µs (Vin = 20Vpp)
  • Wide operating voltage range (High power)
The wide operating voltage 3V to 36V can be covered with several products such as home air-conditioners and servo equipment for industrial purposes.

The product specifications include:

Single supply

Operating Voltage- +3V to +36V

Input Offset Voltage- 4mV max

Large Capacitance Stable Capability- 1000pF typ

Output Voltage:

  • VOH≥+3.7V / VOL≤-14V (@V+/V- = ±15V, RL = 2kΩ)
  • VOH≥+3.7V / VOL≤+0.3V (@V+= +5V, RL = 2kΩ)
Slew Rate:
  • Vin = 1Vpp:3.5V/µs typ. (@RL = 2kΩ)
  • Vin = 20Vpp:9V/µs typ. (@RL = 2kΩ)
Bipolar Technology

Package- EMP8 and SSOP8

Some of the applications include:

  • Low-side current sense, motor current sense
  • Power supply system, encoder application
  • Line driver, ADC/DAC buffer

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