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MtronPTI XO5120 series OCXO available from Switches Plus Components

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MtronPTI XO5120 series OCXO provides the systems designer with a stable single oven OCXO platform upon which they can design time and frequency control subassemblies for a wide variety of applications.

The XO5120 series exhibits good SSB phase noise performance across a wide variety of frequencies and is available in AT-based and SC-based configuration.

The XO5120 is ideally suited to applications in a wide array of applications environments. The SSB phase noise performance of the XO5120 series makes it an ideal selection as the reference oscillator for RF ATE systems or as a synthesiser reference for demanding test instrumentation applications.

It is particularly well suited to applications as the reference OCXO for disciplined oscillator modules for basestations, particularly for mobile WiMax networks. Whether you are an OEM supplier of disciplined oscillator module subsystems or a basestation manufacturer designing this critical subsystem in-house, the XO5120 series gives you the frequency stability, low jitter performance and good phase noise required to meet the demands of the WiMax standards.

The XO5120 Series is offered in both a through hole (5-pin or 6-pin) and SMD package configurations. With support for supply voltages from +3.3VDC to +12VDC, the XO5120 Series can be configured to meet many OEM customer requirements.


  • Stability to ±2 ppb (commercial temperature) and ±3 ppb (industrial temperature)
  • Good phase noise performance (-155 dBc at 10kHz offset)
  • RoHS 5/6 now - RoHS 6/6 in development


A basis for reference timing sources. With stability to +/-2ppb, this device even replaces Double OCXOs (DOCXO) in some applications.

It can be used in:

  • Microwave radios
  • Base stations
  • Test and measurement equipment
  • Reference timing circuits

MtronPTI XO5120 series OCXO is available from Switches Plus Components .

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