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Low profile M.Series Axess keypads for security and access control from Switches Plus Components

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Switches Plus Components presents an innovative range of plastic keypads from EOZSAS for ruggedised applications.

The new M.Series Axess keypads are a range of low profile keypads introduced by the specialists in human machine interfaces, EOZSAS.  

The modular keypads are just 8mm deep and offer the same level of design flexibility and versatility as their larger versions, but with a lower behind-panel depth.

M.Series Axess keypads are particularly suitable for use in security and access control equipment, vending machines, or any space-constrained application.

M.Series Axess keypads offer a unique design advantage over conventional keypads as the standard product can be quickly adapted to suit the look and feel of any piece of equipment without the need for additional tooling.

This design feature is particularly useful for OEMs who can now get a product with a bespoke appearance but without the costly design process.

The modular 12-key basic layout can be rearranged to create a unique keypad by mixing and matching from a range of standard options including the number of keys and the key layout, the shape, dimension, colour and material of keys as well as the type and colour of LED illumination.

Key features of M.Series Axess keypads:

  • Modular construction enables total design flexibility 
  • Keypad can have 1-12 active keys, each one separately illuminated and engraved 
  • Keys can be positioned anywhere in the 3 x 4 grid 
  • Bottom right and left keys can be illuminated with different colours 
  • Different shaped keycaps, either round or square, can also be specified 
  • Tough, vandal-resistant design prevents damage from shock and impact up to IK09 
  • Sealed up to IP65 against moisture and dirt 

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