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LC5200 series of LED Drivers from Switches Plus Components

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Switches Plus Components  offer a new range of LED Drivers. The LC5200 series is an off-line LED driver IC which includes both a main controller integrated circuit (MIC) and a power MOSFET.

Its high voltage capability allows direct connection to a wide range of supply voltages ranging from 25 to 400 V (recommended). The LC5200 LED Drivers use constant current mode to drive LEDs. The package is a standard 8-pin DIP, with pin 7 removed for greater creepage distance from the supply pin.

Features of the LC5200 series of LED Drivers:
- Supply voltage, VBB, 450 V maximum, 25 to 400 V recommended; Note: lowest voltage can vary depending on LED loads
- Output current dimming by external PWM signal; low signal to TOFF pin shuts off output current, and PWM signal input to that pin enables dimming
- Undervoltage lockout protection (UVLO)
- Overcurrent protection (OCP); latched in response to the short-to-GND condition
- Thermal Shutdown protection (TSD); protects IC from damage due to excess temperature, auto-restart when temperature drops below threshold

- Constant current control circuit:
▫ Fixed off-time PWM constant current control, off-time adjustable by external components
▫ Externally adjustable output current by input voltage to REF pin

- Output current IO(max) options:
▫ 0.5 A, LC5205D
▫ 1.0 A, LC5210D

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