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Integrated motor, driver and encoder

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article image Features Pole Damping Technology (PDT), which enhances step motor performance.

LIN Engineering, represented in Australia by Switches Plus Components , has introduced an integrated Nema 23, high torque, 1.8° bipolar step motor, microstepping driver and encoder, the SilverPak 23DE.

The SilverPak 23DE is designed to help reduce overall design time and system cost for a wide array of step motor applications needing high torque.

The SilverPak 23DE is 57mm in width and is offered in three body lengths – 64mm, 75mm and 98.8mm.

Depending on its stack size, the integrated motor/driver is capable of producing up to 294 oz-in of holding torque.

The SilverPak 23DE operates from 15Vdc to 48Vdc and the available phase current ranges from 0.3A to 3A peak. This integrated motor/driver combination boasts jumper configurable step resolutions ranging from 2x microstepping up to 256X microstepping and 4 selectable damping modes.

The unit also features - optically isolated step, direction and disable/enable inputs as well as under-voltage and over-temperature protection.

SilverPak 23DE also features Pole Damping Technology (PDT). PDT enhances step motor performance, thus creating a more accurate and smooth motion profile.

The following features/options are available with the built-in encoder:

* Tracks up to 100,000 cycles/s

* 32 to 1250 CPR

* Max 5000pps

* 2 channel quadrature TTL squarewave single ended outputs and optional index (3 rd channel).

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