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Floyd Bell Turbo Light LED panel indicator available from Switches Plus Components

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article image Floyd Bell Turbo Light LED panel indicator

Switches Plus Components  have announced the new Turbo Light, a new LED panel indicator from Floyd Bell. The Turbo Light is an energy efficient indicator. They operate on a voltage range of 9V DC to 30V DC. Combined with the Turbo Alarms they make a good combination for warning/alarm indication.

Floyd Bell's new Turbo Light is a panel-mounted LED indicator that is IP68 and provides a NEMA 4X seal. The indicators feature the same revolutionary low-profile modern styling as the Turbo series alarm, meaning the Turbo Light is tamper proof and offers unmatched durability.

InGaN LED technology provides high intensity output. The special fresnel lens pattern on the indicator distributes the light and the low-profile design of the unit is curved so the light can be seen even from the side, offering a 180° dispersion.

The Turbo Light is energy efficient as well. Using a switching power supply, the indicator draws just 90mA. The Turbo Light's universal power supply allows the indicators to operate at various voltages in the 9V DC to 30V DC range.

The Turbo and Turbo Light create an attention-getting alarm event when used together. Their small size, high visibility, durable construction, energy efficiency and revolutionary design offer a solution for the panel indicator needs. The Turbo Light is available in 5 colours namely, green, yellow, red, white and blue.

Following are the features of Turbo Light:

  • Small size - 1.065" panel hole
  • Sleek appearance - revolutionary design
  • High intensity - up to 1600cd/m²
  • Durable - polycarbonate plastic casing
  • Energy efficient - 90mA current draw
  • Waterproof - IP68 rating and NEMA 4X

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