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Extremely flat footprint filters

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article image Suitable for all 1- and 3-phase frequency inverters.

TODAY manufacturers equip most frequency inverters with an integrated basic EMC filter, which guarantees adherence to the EMC limit values for short motor cables up to a few metres according to EN 61800-3.

These also include, for instance, frequency inverters of the Danfoss VLT series, which are well-established on the European market due to their outstanding functionality.

Problems arise with longer motor cables, as they are often necessary for the construction of machinery and equipment.

For this kind of frequency inverters, EICHHOFF, represented in Australia by Switches Plus Components , offers an extremely flat footprint filter, which keeps the class A limit values reliably up to a motor cable length of 100m.

A space-saving assembly in the switchgear cabinet is guaranteed because the filter is installed under the frequency inverter.

LOAD and LINE connections are on the same side, making it possible to connect the distribution switchboard in the switchgear cabinet without needing additional lines.

A shielded cable designed for the screen connection plate connects the frequency inverter on the LOAD side.

The filter is suitable for all 1- and 3-phase frequency inverters of the VLT series up to an input current of 3 x 16A.

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