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EVERSWITCH metallic keypads available from Switches Plus Components

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Barantec manufacture a line of indestructible metal keypads in standard of 3x4 and 4x4 configurations. The Piezo electric keypads, available from Switches Plus Components , are vandal-proof with no moving parts, IP 68 and weather proof with the reliable EVERSWITCH VPM technology, designed for actuation comfort and ease. The EVERSWITCH provides ‘no tactile only soft touch function’ with 2-4N actuation force.

The EVERSWITCH is a popular product in metallic keyboards for the use in ticket vending machines and dispensers, unmanned POS, forecourt equipment, gasoline pumps, cash tellers and various types of vending machines and pay and display equipment.

The EVERSWITCH adds to the appearance of the equipment and is a standard off the shelf product. Metrix output or common bus, pins of fault cable, tech EVERSWITCH keypads are plug and play.

Following are the features of EVERSWITCH metallic keypads:

  • Maximum reliability and durability, suitable for use in rough environments
  • IP68 dust and water resistant, sea-water and detergent resistant
  • No moving part, maintenance free
  • Made of one piece of solid metal, totally rugged
  • Potted switching unit at rear seals against all contamination and prevents freezing
  • Flexible anodise print or laser engrave layout

Electrical Data:

  • Switching voltage maximum [VDC] 24
  • Switching current maximum [mA] 200
  • Lifetime electrical [mill.] 15
  • Insulation resistance (OFF = not actuated)[MΩ] > 5
  • Initial contact resistance (ON = actuated)[Ω] < 7.5

Mechanical Data:

  • Actuating force [N] 3-5
  • Operating temperature [°C] -40 to +125
  • Storage temperature [°C] -40 to +125
  • IP protection class front side [IP] IP 68
  • IP protection class rear side [IP] IP 68

Other Data:

  • Materials front panel stainless steel, aluminium
  • Lettering laser engraving/anodise printing

The EVERSWITCH line of metallic keypads is currently being used in a wide array of applications, vending machines, POS, ticket dispensing machines, airplanes, airports, schools, hospitals, public internet and information kiosks and industrial machinery.

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