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EAO offers S.series keypad

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A rugged keypad, S.series, which combines strength, versatility and beauty, is available from EAO -the expert partner for Human Machine Interfaces.
EAO's S.series keypad is the ultimate product for any application that requires a key-entry control, including access control systems, industrial machinery, banking terminals, public telephones, kiosks and vending machines.
The S.series keypad is tactile and therefore reassuring to use, yet reliable and hard-wearing enough for the harshest of environments, such as outdoor and unsupervised locations. The S.series keypad offers great design flexibility from a standard product, and can be customised to suit the environment of the application.
The keys on the S.series keypad can be engraved with a range of standard symbols or ones specified by the customer. The keypad and individual keys can be illuminated in white, blue, red, yellow and green, or a combination of these colours; halo illumination around the keys is also a possibility.
The S.series keypad can be supplied with either a 12- or 16-key layout, and there is a choice of standard, telephone, or hexi-decimal II configurations. The S.series is available in a natural finish or black; other colours area is available based on minimum order quantities.
The metal-bodied S.series keypad features a front plate and anti-pull-off keys constructed from an ultra-tough material, Zamak, which guarantees a high level of impact-resistance. The S.series keypad is sealed to IP67 against water and dust, and it will resist heat, shock and vibration to a very high level. The S.series keypad is tested for quality to 4mn operations, and is certified according to the latest international standards.
The S.series keypad from EAO requires minimal maintenance, and delivers long term value in terms of lifecycle cost benefits.

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