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A Ribbon Switch is a continuous, pressure sensitive, press-at-any-point switch, which can be made in any length.

A Ribbon Switch is the essence of simplicity and reliability, and has been field-proven in thousands of applications for over 40 years. A Ribbon Switch is rated for 3m operations at any point.

Controlflex Ribbon Switches are suitable for applications ranging from general purpose switching to safety-critical sensing. Controlflex Ribbon Switches are available in a wide range of pressure sensitivities, sheathing materials, lead wire combinations, and colors. The Controlflex Ribbon Switches exhibit substantial resistance to moisture and chemicals.

Typical applications include industrial, commercial, and vehicle use; anywhere a distributed switching element is needed. Examples are pinch point protection, collision sensing, and emergency activation or stop.

Lengths of several hundred feet can be used for assembly line or conveyor applications. Switches are usually pre-cut and wired to fit your specific application, in lengths from 3 in. to 250 ft. or longer.

However, Controlflex Ribbon Switches are also available in do-it-yourself kits for field fabrication. Installation is simple and straightforward. Options include adhesive backing, foam tape, and aluminium or PVC channel.

Controlflex Ribbon Switches are available with 4-lead, fail-safe wiring for safety and other critical applications. Controlflex Ribbon Switches are compatible with Tapeswitch controllers and are available from Switches Plus Components .

  • A continuous, pressure-sensitive, press-at-any-point switch
  • Simple, reliable and field-proven technology
  • Rated for 3 million operations at any point
  • Available in lengths of several hundred feet for assembly line and conveyor applications
  • Applications include pinch point protection, collision sensing and emergency signalling
  • Simple installation with double-face tape, adhesive, and aluminum or PVC channel

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