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C&K Components Plus forced to change name

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C&K Component Plus has been forced to change its name to Switches Plus Components after the US-based switches manufacturer from which it took its name was sold to switching giant ITT Worldwide.

The privately owned company had permission to use the C&K logo in Australia as a result of its initial and continuing focus on distributing C&K switches over here.

But with C&K switches now integrated with ITT’s own switching product line, the US-based conglomerate issued a directive that use of the C&K logo be scrapped worldwide, according to Switches Plus Components director Kevin Dix.

“We just used the C&K logo because our predominant product line when we started was C&K switches and we had permission from the US manufacturer to use it,” Dix said.

“We pleaded our case when ITT decided the logo wasn’t to be used anywhere in the world but were still told we couldn’t use it.”

“We designed the new logo so it looked similar to the C&K logo in terms of the colours used and we have also printed in all our promotional material that we are ‘C&K Components Plus trading as Switches Plus Components’ so the change hasn’t really been a big deal,” Dix explained.

Dix said that the company’s operations would remain the same despite the name change, and will distribute the newly integrated range of switches under the ITT banner.

ITT-branded switches will include the existing range of C&K switches.

“The new catalogue will include C&K switches but with no reference to the previous C&K branding,” Dix added.

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