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Biometal fibre...artificial metal-based muscle

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THE BioMetal Fibre (BMF), available from Switches Plus Components , is a fibre-like actuator [drive unit] designed to contract and relax like muscles.

The key feature of this product is its flexible,smooth movements. Although soft and pliable like a nylon thread, under normal conditions, it becomes stiff like a piano wire and sharply contracts, when a current is fed through it.

If the passage of the current is stopped, it will soften and extend to its original length.

The BMF can also be moved by changing its temperature. It begins to contract when heated to about 70ºC. If it is cooled to below this temperature, it will return to its original length.

Because of its stable internal structure,the BMF has very high durability and exhibits stable operating characteristics. Being thin but capable of producing a powerful force, this product is ideally suited for milli and micro actuators.

Applications include relays, locks, valves, servo actuators, micro robots, circuit breakers, switches, silent alarms, temperature-operated actuators and thin to small size actuators.

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