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Switched ON I & T Services offers high quality seat belts

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Switched ON I & T Services  offers a complete range of Springbelts. These Springbelts are high quality seat belts that provide ultimate safety and security to the user. A Springbelt is a solid device that is specifically designed to be used while working with mining, forklifts, construction and agricultural machinery.

A Springbelt looks like a normal seat belt with tethers and buckles. A spring-steel is provided in protective padding instead of a flexible sash. Because of a spring-steel, the shape of a Springbelt forms a U over the lap of the driver and maintains its integrity in the event of bending to secure the buckle. This enables protecting the occupant even without touching the driver from ejection that normally rises up to high velocities.

Switched ON I & T Services designs such seat belts that can be used on forks, agricultural equipment and in mobile plant. This is a crash tested device and is highly efficient. This helps locking down over the lap of the passengers even without touching until ride’s force lifts the passenger into it.

Springbelt works in an efficient manner and allows the operator the manoeuvrability needed for shifting in the seat at the time of travelling in both reverse and forward reverse directions and also enables operator remaining in the belt’s safety halo all the time.

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