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Swisslog Australia introduces AutoStore automated warehouse management systems

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article image AutoStore automated warehouse management systems utilise robots to deliver bins to order processing workstations

AutoStore automated warehouse management systems, now available from Swisslog Australia , are a flexible solution for the efficient warehousing and order processing of single items and small cases.

These systems are compact, and can be tailored to fit into any existing building. They are highly automated, featuring robots that handle bins while driving on top of an aluminium structure called the Grid.

Within the Grid area bins are directly stacked on top of each other with no free space in between. Operators are provided with a steady flow of bins at the workstations which allows order processing at high rates.

A flexible solution that can be changed and developed as operational requirements change, AutoStore automated warehouse management systems:

  • make better use of the available area and volume than other systems
  • are easy to install in existing buildings
  • increase the speed, and improve the quality of internal logistics
  • provide practical and effective automation
  • are very reliable, as the system units work independently of each other; and
  • consume low amounts of energy, helping to reduce carbon footprints.

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