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Swire Cold Storage provides cold chain services to Heinz

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To families across the world Beanz means Heinz! But there is a lot more to this bastion of the food service industry. Heinz is a mainstay of the cold chain sector, providing Aussie families with quality meal solutions through a veritable Who’s Who of brands, including Heinz, Wattie’s, Greenseas, Tom Piper, Farex, Hamper, Ox & Palm, Imperial Garden and Weight Watchers. In addition, Heinz is a leading provider to the hospitality industry and the quick service restaurant sector.

Swire Cold Storage has been providing Heinz with cold chain services since the early 1990s and is proud of its contribution to the success of the company and its brands. There is, however, more to the relationship than just the traditional service areas of warehousing and transport. The delivery of Business to Business (B2B) solutions is fast becoming a major area of the support that Swire Cold Storage provides for its customers – and this is particularly true of Heinz.

B2B solutions are a fundamental component of the future supply chain. B2B is not just about meeting the mandatory B2B trading requirements of the retailer.  B2B is a tool for achieving a competitive advantage.  This advantage is delivered in three ways.  Firstly, data quality can be improved and associated costs reduced through automation. Secondly, accurate real-time information enables customers to order your products with greater confidence.  And thirdly, B2B delivers lower cost in terms of inventory and administration.  Together these not only enable suppliers to provide product at lower cost, but also enable retailers to get the product to shelves more cheaply.  It’s a scenario that cuts total supply chain cost to deliver value to suppliers, retailers, customers and B2B service providers.

EDI (Electronic Data Interface) is at the core of B2B and enables the company to seamlessly exchange information and electronic documentation with its customers, suppliers and 3PLs via telecommunications including the Internet.  The benefits to be delivered from this are far-reaching.  Data interfacing, accuracy and timeliness are dramatically improved and there are significant cost savings through reduced labour requirements (in both data entry and in the resolution of keying errors), the streamlining of operations, and, last but not least, the elimination of the need for paper transactions.

Heinz is at the forefront of the supply chain IT revolution with an industry-leading supply chain transformation initiative to develop and implement EDI. The initiative is a collaborative project with Swire Cold Storage, and through the delivery of best-practice solutions across both legacy and new generation IT systems, the Heinz and Swire Cold Storage teams are meeting the needs of all stakeholders, enabling operational success and the data integrity that B2B demands.

EDI and B2B are not just nice-to-have capabilities. They are the tool of service excellence and competitive advantage in the supply chain.  Heinz Australia is committed to EDI and B2B, and the support of Swire Cold Storage has been fantastic.  Swire Cold Storage’s IT team provides not only a depth of understanding but, most importantly, a can-do attitude that delivers solutions to every B2B challenge that is identified.

The project team are from Heinz Australia: Kim Heath (Project Manager – Supply Chain Transformation), Andrew Eriksson (Project Manager), Colin Harris (Applications Manager), Craig Kinzett (Distribution Manager - Frozen), Mick Dixey (National Distribution Manager), Gay Ward (Customer Service Manager); and from Swire Cold Storage: Anthony Caruso (IT Projects Manager), Leanne Thompson (Business Systems Manager), Antoinette Zammit (NSW IT Support), Kevin Towell (QLD State Manager, General Storage).

The project recognises the value that Swire Cold Storage’s IT team brings to its customers.

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