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Karcher HD 600 cold water electric pressure cleaner from SweepEx Australia
08.12.2011 - SweepEx Australia presents the Karcher HD 600 portable cold water high pressure cleaner that is suited for painters and facade cleaning contractors.
Sweep up to 30 times faster with industrial brooms from SweepEx Australia
06.10.2011 - SweepEx Australia is a specialist supplier of commercial, industrial and municipal cleaning equipment, including their own range of industrial brooms.
SweepEx Australia stocks a wide range of Karcher wet and dry vacuum cleaners
22.06.2011 - Karcher wet and dry vacuum cleaners from SweepEx Australia are ideal for cleaning wet or dry surfaces, and feature a generous tank capacity and compact yet robust construction.
Karcher BD 65/80W walk behind floor scrubbers available from SweepEx Australia
29.04.2011 - Available from SweepEx Australia, Kärcher BD 65/80 traction drive disc brush walk behind floor scrubbers have easy controls, making them simple to use.
Kärcher KM 100/100 R ride on vacuum sweepers available from SweepEx Australia
24.11.2010 - Kärcher KM 100/100 R ride on vacuum sweepers are available from SweepEx Australia.
Kärcher HD 9/16-4 ST H Hot water capable electric pressure cleaners available from SweepEx Australia
24.11.2010 - Kärcher HD 9/16-4 ST H Hot water capable electric pressure cleaners are available from SweepEx Australia.
Kärcher BDS 43/Duo C single disc floor scrubbers from Sweepex
15.10.2010 - Kärcher BDS 43/Duo C single disc floor scrubbers are now available from Sweepex.
Industrial brooms from SweepEx Australia
01.10.2010 - Industrial brooms from SweepEx Australia are hardy items that can handle most industrial size messes.
Karcher BD 80/120 floor scrubbers from SweepEx Australia
14.09.2009 - Karcher Australia has added the new BD 80/120 walk-behind floor scrubbers to their range of Professional FloorCare equipment.
Servicing pressure washers
09.07.2009 - Most pressure washer owners do not have the ‘in-house’ expertise to service their own machines.
Hot Water Pressure Cleaners facts number one from SweepEx Australia
19.05.2009 - If the surface you are cleaning has any kind of grease or oil, you will need a hot water pressure washer for a thorough clean.
New Kärcher KM 90/60 R small ride-on vacuum sweeper available from Sweepex Australia
04.05.2009 - The KM 90/60 R is the latest addition to the range of vacuum sweepers from Karcher Industrial. This KM 90/60 R ride-on sweeper, available from Sweepex Australia, will collect and control fine dust from hard surfaces such as concrete, asphalt and pave
ValuSweep broom from SweepEx Australia
27.04.2009 - A ValuSweep broom, available from SweepEx Australia, can save valuable manpower and resources on clean ups.
Karcher KM 75/40 walk behind sweepers available from SweepEx Australia
22.04.2009 - A recent addition to the range of commercial and industrial cleaning equipment from Karcher is a new walk behind sweeper. The KM 75/40 sweeper, available from SweepEx Australia, offers reliable perfor
Kärcher hot water pressure cleaners available from SweepEx Australia
08.04.2009 - Kärcher offer a new range of electric hot water commercial and industrial machines. The new hot water pressure cleaners, available from SweepEx Australia, are safe and easy to use.
Sweepers and scrubbers from SweepEx Australia
17.09.2008 - SweepEx Australia offer distribution and support services for a range of sweepers and scrubbers supplied by Karcher.
Industrial brooms available from SweepEx Australia
16.09.2008 - SweepEx Australia provide sales and distribution services for a range of industrial brooms, vacuum cleaners, water blasters, scrubbers, sweepers and modular brooms.
New range of domestic high pressure cleaners from Kärcher
16.08.2007 - With the drought and water restrictions around Australia, it is now more important than ever to save water wherever we can. Kärcher is currently launching an exciting new medium-heavy duty range of domestic high pressure cleaners.
Karcher re-establishes partnership with Team BOC
11.05.2007 - In the past for Team BOC, this has been a pain staking task, involving plenty of water and bags of rag. However, since Kärcher, one of the large manufacturers of cleaning equipment has sponsored Team BOC the job of cleaning is now a breeze.
Karcher to showcase industrial cleaning products at Matex 2007
07.05.2007 - Kärcher will be showcasing its range of commercial and industrial cleaning products during the MATEX 2007 warehouse and materials handling exhibition, to be held in conjunction with National Manufacturing Week at Melbourne’s Exhibition & Convention C
Karcher high pressure cleaners make saving water easier
12.04.2007 - The new range of Karcher high pressure cleaners can draw straight from a water tank, or a bucket, no main tap is needed.
Karcher launches EB 30/1 battery-powered electric broom
20.02.2007 - Karcher has launched on the market a battery-powered electric broom for commercial users, the EB 30/1.
Karcher acquires Castle Rock Industries
20.02.2007 - Karcher has further extended its market position in the United States by acquiring Castle Rock Industries Inc.
High pressure cleaners introduced by Kärcher
14.02.2007 - Karcher Australia has introduced high pressure cleaners that help saving water and reduces wastage of water. Kärcher’s range of domestic high pressure cleaners have been accepted into the smart approved watermark scheme.
Karcher introduces new range of High Pressure Cleaners
05.02.2007 - Karcher has introduced four new models to its extensive range of German engineered cleaners.
High pressure cleaners available from Kärcher
05.02.2007 - 2006 saw the launch of Kärcher’s new K2 range of high pressure cleaners, which use 80% less water than a hose, while applying up to 25% more power.
Versatile ride on scrubber
27.01.2006 - KÄRCHER’S new BR/BD 100/250 R Ride-on Scrubber is characterised by its versatility. Fitted with Flexible Application Control Technology (FACT) - a new drive system for roller brushes - the speed of the brushes can be adjusted to suit the type of surf
Steam cleaners and vacuum cleaners
23.05.2005 - KÄRCHER Australia has announced the launch of its new indoor range. The range includes seven new steam cleaners and four new wet and dry all purpose vacuum cleaners. Kärcher indoor steamers save time, effort and money, all while protecting the enviro
High-pressure cleaner
02.03.2004 - KARCHER has released the HDS 895 S high pressure cleaner, replacing HDS 896. The HDS 895 S has a maximum pressure of 2610psi and flow rate of 16.7 litres a minute, over 1.6 litres more flow than its predecessor.
Industrial and municipal vacuum sweeper
27.02.2004 - KARCHER has introduced the new and improved ICC 1 RAC vacuum sweeper, especially designed and engineered to meet Australian conditions. The ICC 1 RAC introduces many benefits over the current ICC 1 DXL model, including as standard a hill climbing kit
Portable cold water high pressure cleaner
02.10.2003 - CLEANING equipment manufacturer Karcher has announced a portable cold water high pressure cleaner which has been designed specifically to meet the needs of painters and builders. It is relatively light (29kg), runs off a 230V ac power supply and is p
High-performance upright cleaners
31.07.2003 - THE Kärcher 397 M and 497 M are two new mobile high-pressure cleaners. Their upright design makes them easy to move around in rough terrain or up and down stairs. All accessories, such as lance, trigger gun and six-metre high-pressure hose, are mount
Professional wet and dry vacuum
31.07.2003 - THE new Karcher NT 27/1 wet and dry vacuum is suitable for use in trade, commerce and workshop applications. The NT 27/1 (7.5 kg) is equipped with a lightweight, impact resistant plastic container. It has five casters for manoeuvrability,and is light
Three new high pressure water cleaners
31.07.2003 - KÄRCHER Australia has launched three powerful cold water high-pressure cleaners to its range of petrol machines. The HD 2700, HD 3000, and HD 3500 are manufactured in the USA, have flow rates of 10-15L/min and maximum pressures of 2700, 3000 and 350
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