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Sulphur Bentonite (NutraGold) Pastille from Swancorp

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Swancorp presents the Sulphur Bentonite (NutraGold) Pastille, an ideal tool used in the agricultural industry to help break down and release minute elemental sulphur particles to sulphur deficient soils.

Sulphur plays an important role in crop nutrition and is essential to its plant growth, yield and quality. Due to a number of trends, such as sulphur free fertilisers and the reduction in industrial gas emissions, many soils have become sulphur deficient.

The Sulphur Bentonite (NutraGold) Pastille contains 90% sulphur and 10% bentonite clay. The bentonite absorbs moisture from the soil and allows the granules to swell and break apart. This then releases the fine sulphur particles and makes them available to microbial activity.

Swancorp’s Sulphur Betonite (NutraGold) Pastille provides the right specifications of sulphur in order to be ground applicable for the agricultural industry.

For more information, visit the Swancorp website.

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