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Green Cal ultra fine quality gypsum powder from Swancorp

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Green Cal gypsum powder is a high quality, natural gypsum aimed at sustainable agriculture, by Swancorp.  The ultra fine powdered gypsum is 45µm - 75µm and dissolves into solutions at a very fast rate.  Swancorp says that its Green Cal gypsum has a faster dispersal rate than any other agricultural gypsum product.

The agricultural gypsum powder is of feed grade and has a very high minimum purity of 97% and an average purity of 98%.  Green cal gypsum powder can be applied in any season to increase yield and quality of crops. 

Green Cal gypsum powder naturally improves soil structure leading to improved tolerance to drought.  It also reduces surface crusting and improves water absorption and aeration.

When applied to soil Green Cal gypsum powder creates a ready supply of sulphur and calcium, without significantly altering the soil pH.  The gypsum powder reduces toxicity of soil nutrients and plant disease.

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