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How to select fluid system components for use with sour gases
28.05.2014 - The conditions under which oil and gas are brought from their reservoirs to the surface can be outright hostile to many common materials.
How to select suitable fluid system components for harsh environments
01.07.2013 - Choices surrounding material selection and manufacturing of fluid system components for service in gas environments are complex.
Swagelok releases Variable Area Flowmeters
07.08.2008 - Swagelok has released a range of Variable Area Flowmeters. The Variable Area Flowmeters are used to measure the flow rate of liquids and gases by means of a tapered tube and float.
Swagelok Eastern Australia's Modular Platform Component gains industry recognition
17.03.2008 - Chem.info.com has selected Swagelok Modular Platform Component technologies (MPC), from Swagelok Eastern Australia, as one of the Top 10 Technologies You Don’t Want to Miss.
AFS ball valve available from Swagelok
30.04.2007 - The Swagelok alterative fuel service (AFS) ball valve was launched in 2004, and it has been well accepted in both alternative fuels and general industry markets.
Swagelok celebrates 60 years in business
23.04.2007 - The full range of Swagelok valves was introduced in the 1960s, and in the late 1990s Swagelok unified its brands; Cajon, Nupro, Whitey and Sno-trik under the Swagelok name.
Swagelok Company introduces PBG series pressure gauge
27.10.2006 - The new Swagelok PBG series pressure gauge is the recent addition to Swagelok Company’s line of industrial pressure gauges.
How well are you coping with fluid leaks?
13.01.2006 - Fluid leakage costs industry millions of dollars every year by affecting product quality, polluting the environment and causing injuries.
Pillar fittings now on Swagelok products
11.12.2002 - UNDER the terms of an agreement with the Nippon Pillar Packing Company, Swagelok Company is now licensed to manufacture Super 300 Type Pillar Fitting connections on Swagelok plastic products, including the patented new Swagelok DRP series high-purity
Ultra-high purity pressure gauges
11.12.2002 - SWAGELOK stainless steel industrial pressure gauges accurately monitor vacuum and positive system pressures up to 1000 bar (100MPa [15,000psi]). Available from Fluid System Technologies, the product line includes a broad selection of gauge models and
Pressure gauges
11.12.2002 - SWAGELOK has introduced a line of ultra-high purity pressure gauges, with Swagelok VCR face seal fitting and IGC 11 surface mount end connections, to its line of fluid system components. The pressure gauges are factory calibrated and helium leak test
High purity fluoropolymer diaphragm valves
20.08.2002 - THE new Swagelok DRP series ultra-high purity fluoropolymer diaphragm valve, available from Fluid Systems Technologies, is designed for use in many applications including aggressive CMP slurry, acid, chemical, and ultra-high purity DI water delivery
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