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Swagelok offers a wide range of Fittings that are manufactured in a variety of materials, configurations and end connection options.

The range of Tube Fittings and Tube Adapters from Swagelok ensures sufficient pull-up upon initial installation

  • Live-loaded and easy to install
  • No torque transmitted during installation
  • Available in sizes from 1/16 to 2 in. and 2 to 50 mm
  • Separate sealing and tube gripping functions
  • Options, accessories and replacement parts available

Swagelok TS series biopharm fittings feature controlled gasket compression to prevent gasket extrusion and fluid holdup

  • Boreline deal and metal-to-metal stop
  • Improved drainability and cleanability
  • Gaskets, adapter gaskets and wing nut tightening tools available

Dialectric Fittings isolate monitoring instruments from the effects of electrical current

  • Fittings interrupt cathodic current flow while permitting full fluid flow
  • Operating temperature range of -40 to 93⁰C
  • Moulded thermoplastic insulation
  • Electrical, chemical and UV resistant

Flange Adapters from Swagelok feature threadless, weldless transition from flanged piping systems to tubing systems

  • Range of sealing faces including flat face, raised face and RTJ
  • Operating temperature range of -29 to 538⁰C

Standard and special order flange adapters are available from Swagelok to ensure suitable and ideal solutions for all applications.

Swagelok offers a wide variety of pipe fittings including pipe couplings, crosses, caps, plugs, elbows, nipples and reducers. All fittings in stainless steel, brass and carbon steel are available in 1/16 to 1 in. sizes for a variety of applications.

Swagelok Pipe Fittings are precision manufactured to provide optimum sealing, minimize galling, and provide consistently tight-fitting installations

  • Burr-free internal surfaces
  • Smooth thread flanks

Ultra-Torr Vaccuum Fittings from Swagelok offer reliability with repeatable sealing performance

  • O-ring deals to glass, metal or pastic tubing
  • Knurled nut for easy, finger-tight assembly
  • Operating temperature range of -31 to 204⁰C

Swagelok VCO O-Ring Face Seal Fittings are designed for rapid assembly in pipe, tube, and welded systems. The fittings feature unique design that allows for easy installation where space is limited and, no axial clearance is required.

VCO Fittings from Swagelok feature test ports at two locations for easy leak testing

  • Sealing accomplished with a captive O-ring in the body component
  • O-ring contained completely for maximum efficiency
  • Female nut threads plated for easy assembly
  • Smooth finish on gland face ensures positive seal

VCR Metal Gasket Face Seal Fittings offer the high purity of a metal-to-metal seal, providing leak-tight service from vacuum to positive pressure

  • Test port at two locations for easy leak testing
  • Side-load retained gasket for easy installation and minimal clearance for removal
  • Precision manufactured gasket for maximum performance
  • Split-nut assemblies, flow restrictors, lock and tag devices, side-load installation tool and tray options and accessories available

Swagelok offers Weld Fittings, in a variety of materials, sizes, and shapes to suit any industrial or high-purity application

  • Ultra high purity
  • Specially cleaned
  • Vacuum service
  • Stainless steel tubular fittings
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Material traceability 
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