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Portable motorised adhesive dispenser

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article image The EZ-mix hand gun.

A PORTABLE cordless electric handheld adhesive dispenser for use with all popular 50ml two-component cartridges has been introduced by DTIC Dispensing Technologies, represented by Svenic Australia .

The EZ-mix HI Dispenser is a portable motorised hand gun that accommodates standard 50ml dual cartridges, features a light-touch trigger, and has a Drip-Free design to significantly reduce or stop oozing from the mix-tip after releasing the trigger.

Capable of dispensing even high viscosity materials over 1 million cps in under a minute, this rechargeable battery powered tool is easy to handle and eliminates repetitive squeezing.

Constructed of ABS plastic, with a hardened steel drive mechanism, and variable speed motor control, the dispenser features a dc motor that can produce up to 91kg of force and has a torque limiter for overload protection.

The gun can dispense up to 50 cartridges on a single charge, depending upon the material viscosity and application. The EZ-mix HI Dispenser includes a rechargeable 6V NiMH battery pack and an ac adapter/recharging unit.

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