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Sutton Tools employs technology and product innovation to compete globally

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article image Peter Sutton - Sutton Tools Chief Manufacture Officer
One of the oldest family businesses in the world, Sutton Tools is celebrating its 95th anniversary this year.

Australian manufacturers are not only facing the impact of the strong Australian dollar but also competing against increasingly cheaper foreign goods. Struggling to survive in a changing economy, job cut announcements are becoming routine.

But Sutton Tools believes that the threats may also bring opportunities. Under this tough economic situation, the company continues with the fundamentals of business including reinvestment in technology, focus on product innovation, development in overseas markets and continual focus on customer needs.

According to Peter Sutton - Sutton Tools Chief Manufacture Officer, the company employs 350 staff in Australia while their biggest export market currently is in Germany. Sutton Tools has been exporting to Europe for around 12 years now and has seen significant growth in the last five years.
Sutton Tools maintains a heavy focus on R&D with a fully staffed R&D test centre incorporating all current technology for tool testing and measurement to allow for benchmarking any application.

Sutton Tools continues to grow their business, mainly through their export activities in Europe and are not cutting back on their workforce. The business is focused on continuing manufacturing in Australia and producing world class cutting tools.

Sutton Tools believes companies need to go beyond mere survival in the current economic situation to build strength and maintain growth for the future.

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