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Sutton Tools DH drill series for deep hole drilling

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Sutton Tools  Deep Hole (DH) Series consists of a line of drills designed for deep hole drilling in tough materials.

Sutton Tools DH drills are manufactured with optimised geometry, material and coating for high quality drilling from 3 to 12x diameter in depth on small to medium batch sizes.

Featuring a parabolic flute style that enables a larger core diameter and more flute space over the standard flute design, Sutton DH drill series enables drilling with heavier feed and less pecking.

The 40-degree helix angle with rake correction provides a very strong cutting edge and excellent chip evacuation for a wide range of materials. The U-point geometry creates a constant rake angle along the entire cutting edge width, resulting in controlled chip breakage and centring.

Sutton DH drills are coated with TiAlN, which has a nano-layered structure engineered to provide an optimum balance between hardness and internal stress.

Key features of Sutton DH drills:

  • Made from Cobalt grade high speed steel with excellent cutting properties, high-red hardness and good toughness
  • Delivers performance in a wide range of materials particularly steels to a hardness of 1200 N/mm²
  • TiAlN (Futura Nano) coating suitable for applications with high thermal load; delivers long tool life
  • 130-degree profile web thinned U-point geometry ensures high strength
  • Fast 40-degree helix angle
  • Parabolic flute design for optimal chip transportation
  • Controlled centring and chip breakage
  • Increased stability
  • Fast chip evacuation
  • Less pecking required
  • Improved heat dissipation

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