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Sushi Machines supplies Juice Bar with ASM 860 Maki Robots and Rice Mixers

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Juice Bar has 3 outlets, in Mooloolaba, South Bank Parkland and in Wagga Wagga. Initially, their interest was to trail sushi in one outlet, the Mooloolaba store. They engaged Sushi Machines to be their sushi machines supplier as well as act on a consultancy basis.

The owners of Juice Bar did not have any sushi making experience but were willing to invest in the capital layout and the assistance of Melvin Wee, the owner of Sushi Machines' consultancy skills. Previous to making this decision they had done their research and felt confident with Melvin Wee's experience owning and running a sushi wholesale, high volume retail outlet, kaiten sushi and a Concession in David Jones. 

Within one month, the machines were installed in Mooloolaba and on the first day of making sushi, “Our total revenue increased by 25%” said Judy, the Owner of Juice Bar, Mooloolaba. 

This news soon spread to the other Juice Bar outlets and in June, Sushi Machines installed a second set of ASM860 Maki Robot with a Rice Mixer to the Brisbane South Bank Parkland store.  

The owner, Jamie, also did not have any sushi making experience, so, Melvin, provided an “Initial Order” Fax, Menu proposal, layout proposal and recipes to start him up.

Again, within one day, Jamie was able to make his own commercial volume sushi. The next day, he produced a massive amount due to the River Festival and he says he ‘scored big time’.

News of his success again spread within the group and this time, Scott of Juice Bar Wagga Wagga decided to order a ASM860 Maki Robot and a ASM720 Rice Mixer.

Both were delivered in September and now Scott is waiting for the completion of renovation work on his store to include sushi in his product line.

Like Judy and Jamie, Scott too does not have sushi making experience and will depend on Melvin to assist.  

This story provides an insight into how an idea became a new income stream with a small amount of effort and investment.

All 3 parties did not have to pay for Melvin Wee's consultancy service because they are customers of Sushi machines.

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