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Sushi Machines Helps Country Town Lady Open Sushi Shop

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Sushi Machines Australia  has helped a lady from a farmland in Proserpine, Queensland with absolutely no sushi experience set up a sushi shop in her country town.  

Kym McDonald owns a big farmland in Proserpine, North Queensland and has always dreamt of opening a sushi shop.  

Having seen the newly opened Sushi Whitsunday near her home, she quickly established contact with Melvin Wee of Sushi Machines.  

She began with locating a vacant shop on the main street of her regional country town of Proserpine and sending an enquiry to Sushi Machines.  

With excellent guidance from Melvin through calls and emails, all aspects of the business were covered including sushi kitchen layouts, sushi ingredients supplies and sushi machines supply.  

Within a month, Kym was ready to open the first sushi shop in Proserpine.  

Sushi machines ordered by Kym included an ASM860 fully automatic Maki sushi robot and an ASM720 sushi rice mixer machine.  

The sushi machines and Japanese groceries miraculously made it through the floodwaters of Queensland from Brisbane.  

Melvin also arrived three days before the shop opening to teach the Sushi Yum Yum team the art of sushi-making from cooking rice, preparing sushi filling, preparing sushi rice to finally rolling the sushi with the sushi robot.  

The sushi shop has taken off well with sales on the first day beyond their expectations.  

The sushi rice maker and the sushi robot helped the staff quickly turn out new batches of sushi to meet the heavy demand.  

Kym appreciates the guidance and training provided by Melvin in setting up her sushi shop.

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