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Sushi Machines Australia installs 6 machines within 2 weeks

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During the month of October, Sushi Machines Australia was busy installing 6 machines within 2 weeks.

Firstly, there was Hollie Sushi, a small but growing wholesale sushi business in Melbourne. The owners wanted a machine that caters to their growing schools sector. So, they ordered an Autec ASM 860 Maki Sushi Robot.

The Autec ASM 860 Maki Sushi Robot arrived in early October and so Sushi Machines Australia commissioned it on the 11th October. Owner Karen and Assistant were pleased with the machine as they can now “produce even more sushi in a shorter time frame”.

After attending to a wholesale customer, Sushi Machines Australia then went to install a Autec ASM830T Rice Sheet machine for Tokachi, a well known busy sushi retail shop doing a high volume retail sales.

The owner, Danny, was impressed and it did not take long to him to encourage his elderly worker to accept this new concept of making sushi. Danny knows that with the use of sushi machines, he can take on higher volume of sales and even go into catering and wholesale.

Next, Sushi Machines Australia went to EkoSushi in Strathpine, Queensland where a young owner, keen on competing with his neighbouring sushi shop, decided to purchase a Autec ASM830T. This owner has actually asked another supplier to offer him a machine on trial. After 3 days, he returned it. So, he asked Sushi Machines Australia how long it is willing to offer him its machine for trail’

Sushi Machines Australia gave him 1 week but was confident that he will want to keep it. Just after the installation and training, he commented that Autec machines are good than that the other machine and he would keep it. And so he did with a full payment.

After Strathpine, Sushi Machines Australia went to Toowoomba, a small Town to the West of Brisbane.

The business, Umami Sushi and Salad, is a new venture and the owners have not made sushi on a commercial basis before.

It was a challenge to teach them in 2 days while the shop is still under renovation. So, the training was held at the owners. After the training, they were confident to run the business and make it the sushi shop in Toowoomba.

The next day, Sushi Machines Australia went up to Sunshine Coast (Mooloolaba). The Juice Bar owners have recently renovated the prominent kiosk and are keen to try a new venture, sushi.

Sushi Machines Australia met a few weeks earlier and they made the decision fast so, it had to air-freight a bench top Autec ASM720 Rice Mixer and a full automatic Norimaki Sushi Robot, Autec ASM 860.

They wanted a concept similar to Go Sushi where they have a small kiosk but capable of producing simple sushi.

After the training and on putting the first batch of sushi for sale, they were impressed that it sold so well that the sales revenue from sushi on the first day represents 25% of their day’s sale. With 5 stores, they are now considering putting sushi in all their stores.

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