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Sushi Machines Australia goes international

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The year 2008 has seen Sushi Machines Australia taking a bold step to go international. Sushi Machines Australia has committed going to Singapore, Dubai (GulFood) and Japan (Hoteres) in February and March 2008.

This follows agreement with Sushi Machines Australia’s Principal that it will market and sell sushi machines to any country where an agent has not been established.

This move is backed by Sushi Machines Australia experience in volume sushi production from it successful chain of stores under the JAS Sushi Brand.

Sushi Machines Australia experience includes setting up from scratch a small high traffic retail take away store (30sq meter) running with only 1 staff for 2 hours a day, to, running a Kaiten Sushi Restaurant (approximately 280 sq.m) with more than 30 staff.

Sushi Machines Australia has also assisted new business owners who have not done sushi (or food) business in their life, set up and operate their own sushi business.

Besides handling sales and marketing of sushi machines internationally, Sushi Machines Australia is also looking at possibility of joint-venture, venture capitalist and financial investors who want to get into the sushi business.

Sushi Machines Australia is considering various models of operations under a license arrangement to enable any business person to learn from them on how to be a representative of its company.

Sushi Machines Australia will put the candidate through its sushi training and equipped them with the sushi machines knowledge till they are fully operational on their own.

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