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Saikoo Sushi – an efficient user of sushi making machines

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Many sushi businesses feel that they must have a high volume in order to justify using a sushi machine. But this is not so judging by a small sushi operation in St. Kilda, Victoria. This company uses two workers in the morning to prepare sushi rice, ingredients, fillings and the sushi rolls. They also produce a variety of other sushi like Nigiri and Inari  manually.  

“Using the sushi machine has helped me minimise my labour cost while ensuring that my customers get consistently good quality sushi” says Jackie, the owner of the business. He was so thankful to be introduced to sushi machine that he now proudly encourages other to view his operation. Prior to using the sushi machine,  Jackie has been producing hand rolls manually for a number of years, so, he felt that if he had been introduced to the use of sushi machine earlier, he would have bought it and saved himself a lot of time.  

Just by using the Autec ASM830 Rice Sheeter, a semi-automatic Maki Robot, Saikoo Sushi is able to produce a high volume of hand rolls daily without having to use highly skill sushi chef. The end result is a highly efficient operation and minimal cost. The speed that his staff makes the rice sheet is around 7~10 seconds per rice sheet. This is so much faster than compared to a manual sushi operation.

Jackie is thinking of opening more sushi branches and he says he would definitely contact Sushi Machines Australia to supply him another sushi machine again.

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