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Noodle Paradise adds Sushi to the Menu at Mt. Pleasant, Mackay with Sushi Machines

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Noodle Paradise ordered a sushi robot and a sushi rice mixer machine from Sushi Machines Australia when they decided to add sushi to their food business.  

Noodle Paradise is a successful noodle shop on the busy Main Street of Mackay, North Queensland.  

When they decided to expand their food business to include the increasingly popular sushi, they sourced their sushi equipment from Sushi Machines.  

The Autec ASM860 Maki sushi robot was selected because they knew that sushi machines would speed up their sushi production. Additionally, an Autec ASM720 sushi rice mixer machine was also ordered from Sushi Machines.  

Operated by Katy Chen and her husband, both university graduates from Melbourne, the new sushi outlet called Noodle & Sushi Paradise is located at the food court in Mt Pleasant Shopping Centre.  

Based on the popularity of the first sushi shop, Noodle Paradise decided to add another sushi outlet to their noodle and sushi chain.  

Conveniently located next door to their first shop on the Main St of Mackay city centre, the new outlet named Sushi & Ramen Japanese Cuisine has a new Autec ASM835 Maki sushi maker.  

Key features of the ASM835 rice sheeters: 

  • Fast speed of rice sheeting
  • 5 different types of pre-programmed size settings, adjustable if required
  • Auto function where a new rice sheet is produced after the completed one is removed

Melvin of Sushi Machines performed the installation in January 2011, providing training on the sushi machines to the staff at both the shops for mass production.

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