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Leading South Australian sushi chain invests in Sushi Machine equipment

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Cherry Blossom Sushi (Group), a leading chain of sushi stores in South Australia has bought more than 10 sushi machines from Sushi Machine .

Beginning operation in 2005 with just one store in Norwood Parade, Cherry Blossom Sushi today operates over 20 sushi outlets across South Australia.

The company’s relationship with Sushi Machine began when they were running the Norwood operation. Melvin Wee, MD of Sushi Machine introduced Cherry Blossom Sushi to their range of sushi equipment by taking them to Simply Sushi, where they observed the use of Autec ASM400 Nigiri Robot, ASM830 Rice Sheeter and ASM760 Rice Mixer.

Cherry Blossom Sushi bought an ASM830 Rice Sheeter, their first machine from Sushi Machine in July 2007. Impressed by the performance of the first unit, the company went on to purchase 10 additional units including Nigiri Robot, Rice Mixer and Maki Cutter for their branch network.

Cherry Blossom Sushi is now investing in a newer model, the ASM835 Rice Sheeter.

Having used the sushi machines for a few years now, the company is happy with their performance as they help save them a lot of time and reduce training requirements for new staff. The machines are very reliable and the investment cost has been recovered many times over.

Cherry Blossom Sushi also speaks highly of Melvin Wee of Sushi Machine, whom they find to be very experienced in the sushi business. The company notes that Melvin is always willing to extend his services beyond his basic duty, spending time and effort to make sure that customers gained from his knowledge and contacts in the sushi business world.

Cherry Blossom Sushi highly recommends Autec sushi machines for their excellent performance and Melvin Wee for his continued support.

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