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Choosing a good sushi machine supplier

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"Choose your Chef before you choose your food” - The same should also be applied when deciding on a good sushi machine supplier. There are a few companies in this niche market that can supply sushi machines but there is only one company that has gone through more than 10 years of sushi making experience themselves. The company, Sushi Machines  is the owner of the brand JAS Sushi, a three time award winning sushi making company.  

Sushi Machines Pty Ltd is the result of years of being exposed to the wide range of situation in the sushi business. From the initial start up of business & market planning, shop fitting, menu planning, staff selection, ingredients selection and sourcing, kitchen layout planning, packaging, transportation logistics and of course, sushi machines selection…these are the areas of expertise borne from the experience that the company has been through.  

“Our business model is simple. We help our customers from the start till they produce good sushi of their own,” says Melvin Wee, Managing Director of Sushi Machines. He believes in and has proven to be an winning combination with their customers. The company has trained customers who have very limited knowledge in the sushi business to those who have professional Chefs on their staff. The best part is that the company offers this customise service to their customer for free.  

So, with these credentials, customers who want to start a sushi business fast without spending too much time ‘learning the ropes’ themselves should choose Sushi Machines as their supplier. It is so easy to learn from Sushi Machines Pty Ltd as they are patient and professional in their approach.

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