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Cherry Blossom uses Sushi Machines’ Maki Rice Sheet maker

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Sushi Machines Australia  was recently given a challenge to supply and install Autec ASM830T rice mixer as well as commission and train staff on sushi machines usage within 2 weeks.

According to Sushi Machines Australia, the sushi machine, Autec ASM830T was delivered within one week and the team went to the client’s location in Northwood Parade, Adelaide and installed within the next week.

The owner, Ming, was so impressed with performance and the efficiency of the installation, that he commented that he will be purchasing another unit soon.

He was also impressed by the speed and efficiency of the Autec ASM 830T Maki Rice Sheet maker as he saves at least 5 hours a day by reducing the time spent spreading sushi rice sheet unto nori (seaweed) to make sushi rolls (maki).

With the savings in time, he has improved his profits and could even reduce his selling price if competition becomes an issue. But as a smart businessman, Ming would be increasing his sales by offering more to his customer.

Some minor changes were required for Cherry Blossom to take full advantage of using the ASM830T, the vinegar mix can be reduced and therefore saves them some more money.

This was pointed out by MD of Sushi Machines Australia, Melvin Wee with his many years of wholesale sushi making experience from running his own brand of JAS Sushi business.

The temperature of the mixed rice was also adjusted according to the proposal by Melvin. The improved result was immediately noticeable by Ming.

Ming is now also discussing a purchase of a Sushi Rice and Vinegar Mixer cooler which would again save him time and money.

However, the main advantage that Ming sees in getting the Sushi Rice Mixer is the consistent result for multiple batches of sushi rice.

Currently, with a few workers handling the rice mixing process, the end result is in-consistency. Different workers exert different strength into the mixing process creating different texture and temperature.

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